What are the aims of this website?

  1. Provide the #1 best quality source for christian musicians for free, forever and ever, until the Lord returns
  2. Allow easy chord manipulation and instrument viewing
  3. Be so fast that any brother/sister in developing countries can access this (There is no javascript at all)
  4. Make worship songs translations (official & unofficial) avaiable to the whole world
  5. Have a strong and vibrant community that delivers more and more songs
  6. Promote cool but unknown worship songs
  7. Index every worship song ever done
  8. Create a comprehensive inverse bible* song search
  9. Support all open source and some closed ones with downloading of tracks in their particular formats
  10. Have music tutorials in many languages
  11. Feature for technicians only, because they are part of worship too. Tutorials on sound, light and projection
  12. Translate songs into the languages of the prosecuted church. They deserve all our prayers and support. As ChristianChords, we also want to send them cool songs in their language to give them hope and tell them they are not alone

Why register? What levels are there?

Anonymous users can navigate the webpage easily. What are the features?
  1. Search songs
  2. Manipulate chords up and down
  3. See chords of many instruments
  4. Download tracks as TXT
  5. Forum read
  6. Read tutorials
  7. Can send draft songs

Registered users have TONS of advantages. I can list a few here
  1. Silver stars
  2. Write tutorials
  3. Deep search (including song text)
  4. Download songs as XML for projection programs
  5. You can create a public songbook/playlist
  6. You can write and answer on the forum
  7. You get access to our private messaging area
  8. Uploaded tracks get your name and ownership
  9. Your corrections on other tracks get recognized
  10. You get alerts if some track of yours needs attention
  11. Ability to comment tracks
  12. Change the web theme
  13. Can send full songs and keep control of it for 3 months since last activity
  14. Can translate songs

Contributors (> 5 songs) get even more extras
  1. Deep search (songs in "draft" status included)
  2. Download songs as ChordPro for awesome music programs
  3. Download PDF of song with QR code
  4. Download TXT/PDF of playlists
  5. Can translate the web into their own language
  6. Can become forum moderators
  7. Private playlists
  8. Create polls in forum
  9. Can download the bibles we use in XML format*
  10. Inverse Bible search*
  11. Can become librarian**
  12. Bug tracker
*Inverse Bible: We hold several Zeffania XML bibles. The idea is that you can watch any random bible verse and the ChristianChords will tell you which songs are inspired in that particular verse or passage. Quite useful!
**Librarians are people on the web that take "draft" songs and polish them, classify them and put them into the correct album. They also look for lost cover art and upload it as well as finish writing band bios

Donors (PayPal/Patreon) get some hidden things
  1. Get into the "Thank You" list forever
  2. Request new features
  3. No ads, forever
  4. Forum gold star
  5. Can download the countries flag collection in SVG
  6. Can download the daily current backup of all songs in TXT format